1. International Orders:
MC welcomes International Orders.We ship around the globe, hence the charges differ based on the location and product size.

How to Check Shipping Rate?

In order to determine an international shipping rate, you can use our shopping cart. By selecting your desired product, you can easily check out and select an option to proceed further that will notify you of shipping rates before the order is processed. Items heavier than 5 lbs. won’t get charged for its delivery whereas anything less than 5 lbs. in weight will be charged.

MC don’t charge any handling fee from its customers. Any customs fees imposed by your country's customs office are your responsibility. We at MC, want our customers to have a good experience while buying products from us. We believe in shipping items on time but there are certain scenarios where the item gets delayed.Customers who buy on regular basis, have the ability to order without any hurdle / delay. We appreciate providing services to our international customers, but at times verification of that international cardholder can sometimes be limited outside of your home country.

Means of Payment

There's a high degree of fraudulent credit cards which we have received from international customers, we must reserve the right to restrict, delay or void any credit card purchases billed or shipped to foreign addresses. In order to verify credit cards we may require you to pay through our Paypal account or wire transfer. Our Paypal services are open for every customer no matter where he is situated, can avail the service. Just pay us at [email protected], because it is easier for us to verify this method of payment without delay.

We have other means by which our customers can pay us, which includes American Express, Visa or MasterCard though these cards take up to 7 business days to get verified.