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0B31067 - Hitachi Ultrastar SSD1600MM 800GB Multi-Level Cell SAS 12Gb/s 2.5-inch Crypto Sanitize Solid State Drive

Hitachi Ultrastar SSD1600MM 800GB SAS 12Gb/s 20nm MLC Crypto-E 2.5-inch Solid State Drive
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    HGST Enterprise Storage Experience

    HGST leverages decades of proven enterprise storage expertise in Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) design, reliability, firmware, customer qualification and system integration to the new Ultrastar® SSD1600MM solid-state drive (SSD) family. The synergistic relationship between HGST’s new throughput-enhancing SSDs and traditional HDDs provides cost effective, end-to-end enterprise-class storage solutions, delivering reliability, compatibility, capacity, cost and system performance. This combination makes HGST a leading SSD/HDD provider with the experience and technology needed to meet escalating reliability, endurance and performance in the most demanding enterprise environments.

    Maximum Performance, Reliability and Endurance

    The new Ultrastar SSD1600MM delivers high sequential throughput, up to 1100MB/s read and 765MB/s write (12Gb/s SAS). The Ultrastar SSD1600MM also delivers up to 130,000 read and 100,000 write IOPS, reaching speeds >100 times faster than HDDs and double the speed of current 6Gb/s SSDs, allowing rapid access to “hot” enterprise data for improved productivity and operational efficiency. The new Ultrastar SSD1600MM family offers significant value in terms of IOPS per Watt, while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) through low power consumption, efficient cooling and reduced space requirements.

    The Ultrastar SSD1600MM family combines enterprise-grade MLC NAND flash memory, advanced endurance management firmware and power loss data management techniques to extend reliability, endurance and sustained performance over the life of the SSD. The Ultrastar SSD1600MM family achieves an extraordinary 0.44% annual failure rate (AFR) or two million hour mean-time-between-failure (MTBF). The 1600GB capacity model endures up to 29.2 Petabytes (PB) of random writes over the life of the drive—the equivalent of writing 16 Terabytes (TB) per day for five years.
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